Ayur thai spa is operational in Delhi and Mumbai, This is our 1st branch in Gurugram, True to our standards the spa is exclusive in interior and luxury there are five multifunctional spa rooms with completely different theme as of u r taking a spa therapy in five different locations, every spa rooms are provide with glass cubicles with steam and shower facility, Ayur thai spa provides all kinds of spa therapies like Body massages, facials, Body polishes, Body wraps, etc.

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Ayur thai spa is one of the few best spa in Gurgaon, Delhi & mumbai.
The exquisite interior if the spa is unmatched, There are 5 spa rooms including a couple spa room, all the spa rooms are provided with a glass cubicle for steam and shower, after every therapy the clients can take a steam and shower inside the spa rooms
The spa provides all kinds of spa therapies like a body massages, body polishes, body wraps and Ayurvedic therapies
Every spa therapy begins with a detoxifying and cleansing spa Foot ritual
Ayur thai spa is being led by a team of expert spa trainers, Ayurvedic doctors and consultants, the professional approach of the spa is mandated by these experts Welcome to the most accomplished spa in Gurugram in terms of hygiene, interior, spa etiquette, technique. Do visit us once to experience what a spa is all about.

About Body Massage

One of the most common methods that people use to find a spa is to use the internet. They usually search on Google for "spa centre near me" which is a quite effective and time-efficient way to reach out to a nearby spa. Massage therapies have been around for a long time, but we are finally seeing them become more mainstream in this day and age. It's always fun to try something new, especially when it comes to our body which tends to require extra tenderness now and again! Moreover, in this article, we will learn about body massage therapy and try to understand how it is beneficial for us. So, let's not waste more time and begin.

There are specific techniques that help you get the most out of a massage. Many spas and masseuses will teach you some tips and tricks to finding the best treatment for your body and mind. The most important one is that massages should feel good to you, so try several styles before deciding on one! Search on the internet for a "body massage spa near me" to reach out to the nearest professionals. They will help you understand more in detail about massage therapy and how it can offer you health benefits.

Massage therapy is one of the most popular forms of healthcare in the modern day. In recent years it has increased in popularity due to more people wanting to address their medical issues without taking it up with a doctor and instead opting for less invasive treatment. These days, massage therapy comes with an ever-expanding list of benefits, such as helping people with many different medical conditions feel less stressed and fall ill less often. Massage has a prominent place in integrative medicine and is increasingly being offered alongside other standard treatments to tackle various medical conditions and situations. So, you should consider searching for a "massage centre near to me" on the internet to find a nearby spa centre to get this therapy.

Although massage is widely believed to be a panacea for various ailments, it was originally conceived as a means of alleviating the pain of those suffering from poor blood flow. Despite its benefits, it's meant to supplement conventional medicine rather than be a true replacement for your treatments. Always stay in touch with your doctor and make sure that you are aware of what procedures you need to follow during your entire treatment cycle. Enhanced blood flow accelerates the effect of medications in your body and helps you get better in lesser time. So, people searching for a "body massage centre near me" on the internet are actually concerned about their health, which is a great thing.

Before a massage starts, your massage therapist should ask you about any conditions or allergies that may present themselves during the massage. Your massage therapist should also explain how they intend to approach and treat the different areas of your body. So there's no question in your mind about what they are planning to do once they start. Finally, it's important to make sure that you're comfortable with the therapist; there's no point in getting a massage if you aren't at ease with your masseuse!

So, after searching on the internet for "full body massage centres near me", when you select a spa, you should not forget to ask the professionals if they can meet your requirements. Nevertheless, if you want to get the best massage therapy at the most reasonable cost, you can consider visiting Ayur Thai Spa, a leading spa centre located near your home.

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Body Polish Services Spa in Gurgaon

Polishes Or Scrubs Are Ideally Recomended Before Any Massage, Its Like Cleansing Of The Whole Body, Removes Dead Cells, Dirt And Grime From The Skin,opens The Skin ,disperses The Cellulite ,improves Blood Circulation Thus Imparting A Good Glow,firmness And Texture To The Skin, Aids In Weight Loss Also,saabai Offers Different Kinds Of Polishes. 45 Mins/1600


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Body Mask Is Applied On The Body,and The Entire Body Is Covered With A Plastic Sheet,Followed By Towels And Bedsheets,Like A Coccoon, The Warmth Created By The Multiple Layers Of Sheet Is Trapped Between The Sheets Which Melts The Tension In The Muscles,and Liquefys The Product And Helps It To Penetrate Deep Into The Skin Thus Replenishing, Hydrating And Nourishing The Skin. 80 Mins/2500