Ayur thai spa is operational in delhi and mumbai, This is our 1st branch in Gurugram, True to our standards the spa is exclusive in interior and luxury there are five multifunctional spa rooms with completely different theme as of u r taking a spa therapy in five different locations, every spa rooms are provide with glass cubicles with steam and shower facility , Ayur thai spa provides all kinds of spa therapies like Body massages, facials, Body polishes, Body wraps, etc,

Best Vita Lift Facial In Gurgaon

Best Vita Lift Facial In Gurgaon

Why Should You Get Professional Vita Lift Facial Therapy

The benefits of vita lift facial & other professional facials in Gurgaon should be appreciated by everyone who's had one. We all know how important it is to take care of our face because our facial skin is comparatively much thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of our bodies. Therefore, it requires special attention while maintaining a specific routine customized for its own unique needs so that we don't have to worry about our faces looking dry or tired. Everyone's skin is different and unique. Therefore their facial routines should also be as varied as their appearances. However, no matter what kind of facial you get (whether custom-made or through preselected packages), you will get the same benefits every time!

So, if you are planning to get a vita lift facial in Gurgaon, you should consider reading this write-up. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting professional facial therapy.

Exfoliates Skin

Exfoliating your skin daily helps remove dead cells at the top layer of skin, making way for new ones to come out and breathe. There are a variety of exfoliants available in the market today; find one that suits your skin type best but choose products with natural ingredients, as these have fewer chemicals. The best time to exfoliate would be once every week or two weeks. It is also advisable to do it before you shower, so there are no chances for your body's natural oil to come in contact with those dead cells, so we're left with nothing but the softest smooth surface possible. You can even get in touch with a professional and ask about what product will be best for you to exfoliate your skin. Nevertheless, you can get a vita lift facial In Gurgaon if you want.

Improve Circulation

During your appointment, the esthetician will give you a facial. This is when they'll clean your skin and massage it to help you achieve healthier-looking, younger skin! Facials can be done by wet rubbing using toners and moisturizers or by using other facial care products such as peels or masks. During the beginning stages of a facial, the esthetician may use a brush that has long rough natural bristles in order to remove dead skin cells from your face. It will improve blood flow and make your skin look younger. So, you should consider getting a vita lift skin or any other kind of facial in Gurgaon, depending on your face type.

Mitigates Stress & Tension

The massage portion of your facial isn't an anomaly. Being able to feel the massaging of your face helps to increase blood flow, which helps you drain any excess liquid from the rest of your body inside and out. The spa where you receive a professional facial most likely uses some sort of aromatherapy either in the room or on towels while giving you a service. They choose these specific scents intentionally to help calm and relax clients during their time there. You can also indulge in these particular scents after returning home as means of self-care. Facials reduce muscle stress and also provide you with a soothing feeling. Hence, many people prefer getting a vita-lift facial for ageing skin in Gurgaon; you can also try it!

Prevent Ageing With Sensiglow Facial in Gurgaon

Face skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of our bodies. That's why facials are always tailored for each client's particular combination of skin type, strengths, issues, and environmental concerns. Skin can be categorized into four types, Oily, Normal, Dry, and Sensitive. Each of these categories has typical problems, pores with excess oil; shine/shine-free zones that look dull or uneven; rough textures from dryness or sensitivity; blemishes from inflammation, together with flaws unique to other categories, e.g. large pores in oily-skinned people; patches of redness for sensitive skins; fine lines for drier types, etc.

Therefore, we at Ayur Thai Spa provide our clients with the best type of facial & other spa treatments depending on their skin type and requirement. So, if you are looking for a reliable spa to get top-quality facials, consider visiting us. We provide the best Vita-Lift Facial for Ageing Skin in Gurgaon.


Polishes Or Scrubs Are Ideally Recomended Before Any Massage, Its Like Cleansing Of The Whole Body, Removes Dead Cells, Dirt And Grime From The Skin,opens The Skin ,disperses The Cellulite ,improves Blood Circulation Thus Imparting A Good Glow,firmness And Texture To The Skin, Aids In Weight Loss Also, saabai Offers Different Kinds Of Polishes. 45 Mins/1600



Body Mask Is Applied On The Body,and The Entire Body Is Covered With A Plastic Sheet,Followed By Towels And Bedsheets,Like A Coccoon, The Warmth Created By The Multiple Layers Of Sheet Is Trapped Between The Sheets Which Melts The Tension In The Muscles,and Liquefys The Product And Helps It To Penetrate Deep Into The Skin Thus Replenishing, Hydrating And Nourishing The Skin. 80 Mins/2500